The Flybrary

Just a few of the books, films, and other resources that, in addition to traveling and general life experience, have helped me to broaden and deepen my understanding of the world I inhabit. The list leans heavily towards Latin America, due to my intense love of and interest in the region and its culture. As I grow (and travel), so will this list.

African-American/US History and Culture

Latin American/Caribbean History and Culture

Travel Literature/Memoir



…to be continued. Got any suggestions.

5 thoughts on “The Flybrary

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  2. Books-Fiction The Seasons of Beento Blackbird/A Busia; Wild Seed/O. Butler – NonFiction Fela’ This Bitch of a Life; Open Veins of Latin America – Movie’s The Bill Cosby/Sidney Poiter movies (Uptown Saturday Nite, Lets Do It Again…), Love Actually, The Kite Runner, Born into Brothels…These would some you might consider adding to the Flybrary

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