Fly Brother’s New Hub: South Florida

Miami Skyline from West

I’m living in that flat, kinda boring part in the foreground.

“He’s baaaack!” Yes, good people: Fly Brother has emerged healthy and unscathed from that electronic limbo called “Taking A Break From The Internets.” After December’s quick and last-minute escape from Europe because of the 90-day tourist visa rule, I ended up back in Florida to await the processing for my student visa to Germany, where I’d be earning my PhD. Subsequently, I ended up helping a friend take care of her autistic 7-year-old and unexpectedly landing a full-time university teaching position in Miami, two situations that, along with my freelance writing commitments, demanded total and complete energy and attention. As a result, the blog suffered.

As much as I love traveling at moment’s notice, there’s much to be said for stability. Re-hubbing in South Florida, a cultural mishmash with amazing weather and hordes of cockroaches, means rebuilding my financial foundation, recommitting to an intense workout regimen, advancing professionally—which includes working on the PhD remotely—, and re-entering American society after seven years abroad. There is, indeed, a lot about the US that remains unattractive—race relations, consumerism, traffic—but it’s nice to be back on familiar soil as I reboot, regroup, reconnect with myself, my family and friends, and my country.

Right now, I’m sharing a house with my friend and her child in the sterile flats of Broward County, but I hope to move a few exits down into Miami, capital of Latin America, in a few months. The commute to work is shorter and I don’t get the suspicious looks in Miami the way I do up in the United States (by that, I mean Broward County). Make sure you all give me a shout whenever headed this way. In the meantime, I’ll be posting the travel- and culture-related musings you used to get regularly here at Fly Brother. So, as they say down here in “The Bottom:” Lehgo!

PS – Recently, I was asked what happened to my dream city of São Paulo. In a word: inflation. I still love that place more than any other on Earth, and I plan to always have a presence there. Right now, though, it’s more expensive than New York and it’s just not the time for us. One day, we shall be together again.

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4 thoughts on “Fly Brother’s New Hub: South Florida

  1. Bro, welcome to Miami! Unfortunately we just left from there after vacation. It was good to reconnect with old friends and see how much it has changed. BTW, the building 3/4’s to the left in your photo with the burgundy roof is my old flat. If you need a proper Miami zip code in the center of the club district. The rent there is cheap, and it’s full of UM, MDU students :-)

    Also, I’d like to point out that Broward is far more international than you give them credit. Once you leave Miami Beach, the county is basically white, black, cuban, and haitian. One of the largest brazilian immigrant community is in north Broward. For many migrants Miami is where you start, Broward is where you buy a home and start a family. #Imjustsayin

    • You’re right…a good bit of Broward is incredibly diverse. Alas, I’m not in that part. I’m where the “English-only” crowd retreated to (waaaay west of the Turnpike). It’s cool that you recognized your old spot in that Miami photo! My old crib in the city of South Miami has been torn down to make way for UM student apartments.

  2. Hey E!

    Welcome home! Maybe now we can play catch up :-) Are you adjusting ok? Next time I’m in the MIA, I’ll give you a holler. Hey, are you TBEXing this year? Quite the brown contingency coming this year. Why dontcha join us 😉

    Sty Fly!

    • Repatriating is definitely not easy, but it’s great to be back around my peeps and in a culture that I know so (a little bit too) well. Definitely shout me when you’re heading down this way!! I’m a bit TBEX’d out, so I most likely won’t make it up to Toronto this year. Hold it down for me!

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