Fly Brother Podcast – Season 2, Episode 8: Fantasy Flight 324 – The Bhangra-Milonga Express


In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast:
Fantasy Flight 324 – The Bhangra-Milonga Express

Journey with Fly Brother on an ethereal, all-music flight from the gem of India to the jewel of Argentina—Mumbai to Buenos Aires—featuring recent and classic house, bhangra, downtempo, acid jazz, tango, and milonga. Whether its to work out, chill out, or make out, this compilation will transport you each time you listen. Download and get lifted.

“Coast 2 Coast” – N1
“Indian Summer (Groove Lickers Remix)” – Olav Basoski
“Threads of Identity” – Fusing Naked Beats
“Sunrise” – Lh1
“Milan” – Karsh Kale
“Walk of Ju” – Sweetback
“4AM” – Night Flyte
“Otonal” – Audio Lotion
“Unspoken” – Paul & Price
“Resurrección del Angel (Libertango Mix)” – Fantasista
“Adios Nonino (Electronic Mix)” – Hi Perspective
“Ese Cielo Azul” – Supervielle


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Thanks to Kelly at Travellious for encouraging me to finally finish this.